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Sewer Scope Inspections

in New York

Sewer line inspection using camera
Sewer line inspection cameras have been such a game-changer, it is hard to imagine performing an inspection without them. They take the guesswork out of diagnosis and allows the homeowner to see firsthand if there are any problems with their sewer line. If there is, knowing whether the problems are cracks, breaks, offset joints, or just a temporary clog helps determine what the best options are to get the sewer line back in good working order.
Some blockages are unforeseeable, though most blockages are the result of a defect in the piping causing solids to accumulate. Overflows can cause a lot of damage and they are disgusting, and a building without an operating drain system isn’t livable. A video inspection by a plumber can put to rest your concerns and prevent a sewage nightmare.
If you are buying a home that is over 40 years old, you should consider adding a sewer inspection to the rest of the home investigations. It’s a small investment upfront to avoid a large, unpleasant surprise later. Some municipalities now mandate such inspections and have their own list of pass or fail requirements for the plumber doing a sewer inspection to follow. Your realtor should know if your prospective home is in such a community.