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Whether the house you’re buying (or selling) is big or small, new or over 100 years old, our home inspection services will help you understand it’s condition and how the systems operate.

  • Home Resale Inspections
  • New Construction Inspections
  • Home Phase Inspection
  • Residential Mold Inspections
  • FHA/VA Pest inspections
  • Radon Testing
  • Well-Water and Septic Systems
  • Pool Inspections
  • Roof and Structural Inspection
  • Level 2 Chimney Inspections*
    • *Includes Video of Interior Flue
  • Sewer Line "Scope" Inspection
  • Commercial inspections include a full PCA (we're the only company to do so)

Ask us about our FREE $125,000 Warranty Coverage!

Call our office manager, Sarah, at any time for booking and home inspection questions at 518-727-7091.

What we offer with every home inspection

Ace Home Inspections is the ONLY home inspection company within 200 miles that offers FREE Warranties With Every Inspection.*

From the date of your home inspection, you can take comfort in knowing that if conditions change in the house, most items are covered for up to 90 days. Claims will be handled within 72 hours of submission, and you never have to pay a deductible.
With every home inspection, we provide Sewer Line Protection from SewerGard-the world leader in underground repair coverage. Buy with confidence and worry less knowing that main water line breaks and sewer collapses are covered, up to $4000.
If you move in to your new home and mold is present that was not found when inspected, you’re covered for remediation up to $2000. It’s that simple!
For 5 years following the date of inspection, if any new leaks are found that were not present at the time of inspection.. repair costs are covered up to $3.000 after deductible!

NXT Structural 12 Month Warranty 100,000 Coverage

Coverage: Structural malfunctions; Failures in footings, foundation beams and girders, lintels, masonry arches, columns, load bearing walls partitions, roof frame systems and floor systems.

RecallCheck is the first service for consumer recalls in the United States and has compiled over 205 million recalls from public records, to create a fail-safe system to check for dangerous flaws with home appliances.

For a period of 120 days following the full home inspection or 22 days after closing, which ever comes later, our warranty company guarantees your radon levels to be under 4.0PCi.L. If another test is performed by a licensed professional and the reading is 4.0PCi/L or higher, they'll pay for up to $1,200 for mitigation.
Get an extra 6 months of coverage with a 12-month warranty purchased, at no additional cost, courtesy of Residendial Warranty Services.
We offer Termite Protection Plans, free with a home inspection.

Residential Warranty Services Inc.

How Does The 18 Month Warranty Work?

  • Have Ace Home Inspections of Upstate New York complete your home inspection.
  • Request the 18 Month Warranty from Residential Warranty Services (best coverage available on the market today).
  • At the time of purchase, 6 FREE months will be added to the warranty term just because the home was inspected by Us= 18 Month Home Warranty for the price of 12!
  • *If We do not inspect the home, a 12 Month Home Warranty is still available.

The 18 Month Warranty has the absolute broadest coverage for the longest term on the market today and is the least expensive warranty option on a per month basis. Get the best home warranty available and request the 18 Month Warranty for your real estate transaction.
Request Our 18 Month Warranty and get 18 months of coverage for the price of 12 months. If We do the home inspection, 6 FREE months are added to the warranty term = 18 Month Home Warranty!
*This statement is believed to be accurate unless proven otherwise.
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Certified Chimney Inspector

FAA Certified Drone Pilot

Certified Mold Inspector

Certified Septic Inspector

New York State Licensed
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