Take a look at what our customers have had to say about our staff and service:

Melissa Killion, Miranda Real Estate:

  “Matt Stonesifer is my go to home inspector! I work with 30 to 40 buyers
  a year and cannot recommend him enough! He is thorough, he is
  knowledgable, and he takes the time to explain to the buyers what is
  going on at the house. His services are invaluable and I am very
  appreciative as are my clients. Highly recommend!”

Joe & Shannon Smith, Homeowners:

“Buying a home and coordinating all of the paperwork can be a very stressful experience. The first house our family fell in love with had a secret that Matt was able to reveal. Matt saved us from the expense of a $10,000.00 roof. Matt was also able to put us in touch with someone to help with the repairs needed for our own home that we are in the process of selling. Matt was a bright spot in this experience. And, when we decided to keep shopping after the roof issues, Matt once again was there for our family. Matt is dependable, sincere, and honest. We know that when we put our trust in Matt that he will work hard and thorough for us and ensure that we are buying a property without any surprises. Working with Matt at Ace Home Inspections was a pleasure in this crazy experience! We would and plan to highly highly recommend him! Wonderful job Matt – you went above and beyond and we appreciate it!”

Jessica Bedard, 518realty:

“As a realtor, I frequently refer Matt to my clients at the time of home inspection when they are in the process of buying their property. I’ve chosen Matt because he can be trusted to perform a thourough, high quality home inspection. He is consistent and true to his appointments, which makes him a valuable asset to me as a realtor.”

Chris McCabe, CM Fox Realty:

“I always recommend my clients to use Ace Home Inspections. Matt is very reliable and always exudes a professional attitude. My clients are always pleased when Matt performs their inspection. As a Real Estate Agent, my clients trust me to lead them in the right direction. I know I can rely on Matt to protect my clients and exceed their expectations.”

Eric Scalise, Empower Mortgage LLC:

“We here at Empower Mortgage LLC love using the fast, professional and friendly service of Ace Home Inspections. We always recommend Ace Home Inspections to all of our clients and will continue to in the future.”

Dierdre Hammer, Homeowner:

“Ace Home Inspections is quite and aces in our book. My husband and I hired AHI to inspect a rather large home in Schenectady in June 2012. The owner Matt arrived and was prompt, courteous, and most of all, very professional. It took approximately 2 hours to inspect the home from roof to basement. He was extremely thorough. Unfortunately, the house Schenectady fell through. However, when we found a new home in Colonie there was no question who we would use, we doubled down and, of course, hired Ace Home Inspections again. As a former consumer protection agency advocate, I highly recommend Matt Smith with Ace Home Inspections!”

James Papaliosas, 518realty:

“I’ve known Matt for 7 years. I met him in 2005 when I assisted him in purchasing a 2 family investment property in Cohoes. We have been friends and business associates ever since. He has completed many home inspections for me and my buyer clients over the years. He is always friendly and his service is always top knotch and very thorough. He has very easy to read and understand Inspection Reports and he always stands behind his work. As a Realtor, having an Home Inspector you can count on is very important. Matt Smith is one of my Top 3 Guys.”

Theresa Gucciardo, Gucciardo Real Estate Group:

“My experience with Matt Smith as a home inspector is excellent. Matt always maintains a professional attitude and is always ready to answer my numerous questions, even when it means he has to stop what he doing. I will not hesitate to recommend Matt Smith to any of my clients looking for peace of mind, knowing they have hired a true and honest Home Inspector.”

Anthony M. Gucciardo, Gucciardo Real Estate Group:

“Matt Smith has been very attentive to all of the clients I have referred him. When I need a home inspector, I want someone who will have the clients best interest at heart and do a thorough job when inspecting the property. I would have no issue referring him to anyone looking to do a home inspection.”

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